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Have you ever thought about how much money you lose in premiums on your

Boat insurance?

If you have I have good news for you- in a matter of a few hours you can get a comparison of your boat insurance premiums provided to you without any effort. All you need to do is to complete the form below with all the details of the boat you have and do something else what is possibly even more important. Once I receive the details about the boat you have I am going to discuss it with a couple of different insurance companies and then you are going to get the best offer.

Keep in mind, all insurance companies in New Zealand prefer to offer best deals to their clients in return for bundle deals, so if you only shopping to insure your boat then you might even get a better deal if you are going to add your house. House insurance and the boat insurance together are going to provide you with lower premium structure.

If you want to help the underwriters to provide you with the best terms for

Your boat insurance – get a quote

you would want to list the qualifications you have as a boat owner – for instance if you have a boatmaster qualification or something similar your boat insurance premiums are going to be a lot less to compare to someone who does not have it.

Boat is fun. It does not really matter what size of the boat you have- call me today to include your boat into your policy. Keep in mind if you have all your items with one insurer – you always pay less.


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