Medical Insurance or Health Insurance in New Zealand

Medical Insurance designed to pay your medical bills in the event when you are sick. Medical care in New Zealand can be private or public. In New Zealand acute care is provided to all residents, citizens and is free of charge. The only bill which you would most likely to pay is for the ambulance you were taken to the hospital. Public medical care is designed to provide you with medical care according to the current situation – meaning – if there are people on the waiting list – your name would go on the bottom of the list and you will or will not get medical help. The reason I say – “will not” is based on the view that sometimes it could be too late.

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Medical Insurance

Provides you with ability to literally have immediate medical help which starts with a specialist.
Health Insurance Policy is designed to provide you with medical care through network of private medical care providers and hospitals – almost instantly – meaning a few days to arrange a right medical practitioner and you are in the hospital. In New Zealand doctors do charge very high fees and therefore for majority of people medical insurance is the only option to afford it.
I work with two major medical insurance providers and if you think that your health is valuable enough to look after it then call me to discuss which medical policy will be right for you.

Medical Insurance in New Zealand

Once you email or you get in touch with me through the contact form on the site – I am going to provide you with two quotes. Southern Cross and NIB. The reason I work with these two companies is based on the market share they provide Medical Insurance to almost 73% of New Zealanders and most importantly on the product ratings.

In New Zealand there are three major payers for medical care:

  1. ACC;
  2. Public;
  3. Medical Insurers.

If the first two only use Pharmac approved medicines, then private medical insurers have Medical Insurance policies which allow to use wider variety of medicines. For more information about how medicines are funded please read the following information provided by Pharmac.

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