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Would you agree a lot of New Zealanders smoke marijuana?  After all New Zealand is a free country and everyone is in title to do whatever as long as the “action” does not effect others. Sometimes, I get asked a question about use of marijuana or Trauma Insurance #Marijuana and in this post I want you to see marijuana usage from trauma insurance point of view.

Trauma Insurance #Marijuana | Auckland NZKiwis smoke marijuana plant’s dried leaves or mix it with food (cookies & so on I mean some people do get “creative” when baking :-)) others make tea with it and so on. Once marijuana gets in, it starts with your your nervous system then affects almost every organ in your body (blood circulation) including your immune system. Your body absorbs THC as soon as it gets into your blood though lungs or stomach. There is no medically proven evidence that marijuana is linked to increase odds of getting lung cancer by a someone. However the process of smoking the substance does irritate your lungs, making regular marijuana smokers to have an ongoing cough and to have lung-related health problems like chest colds and lung infections which can result in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.

Trauma Insurance #Marijuana use

My intention in this post is not to make you stop smoking pot, it is about making you aware why you need to have a trauma insurance if you occasionally smoke marijuana.

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Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) can be considered as the gradual failure of the lungs. In this disease, the lungs are unable to function properly in the gas exchange.  It is a progressive deterioration of lung capacity due to chronic inflammation within the lungs that cause irreversible damage. Just think about getting something like that. The fact that it is not yet medically proved to be linked to marijuana smoking should not stop you from having financial safety net in place for instance trauma insurance. Trauma insurance pays a lump sum in the event you are diagnosed with COPD.

COPD is highly associated with cigarette smoking, this is where you need to think why is it only cigarette and not marijuana (?) obviously due to the fact that majority of New Zealanders do not admit smoking marijuana.  However, any exposure to substances that can irritate the lungs like chemical fumes, smoke, and dust can possibly cause this disease.  There are also hereditary factors, like having a deficiency in the antitrypsin gene, that predispose to having COPD.  Asthma combined with smoking has also been shown to increase the risk for this disease.

Trauma insurance and marijuana2 types of COPD

The first is the chronic bronchitis type.  These patients often have long standing cough associated with whitish and thick sputum. They are often called “blue bloaters” because most of them receive low oxygen during each breath and have signs of heart failure.  The second type is the emphysema type which got its name from the appearance of the lungs.  The lungs appear inflated with too much air.  Most patients with emphysema type have no cough but are always out of breath. They are also known as “pink puffers” because they often have enough oxygen but they retain most of the carbon dioxide that is exhaled. Most of the time, the two types are present in a single patient.

At first, COPD may have no symptoms except for chronic cough.  However as lung capacity declines, the patient may have shortness of breath.  There can also be weight loss, loss of appetite, and constant feeling of fatigue.  Some may appear to be barrel-chested due to the increased retention of air inside the lungs.  At later stage, the patient may appear to have air hunger. They may be seen gasping for air with each breath.  In a severe attack of shortness of breath, there can be wheezing and chest tightness.  The lips and fingertips may appear bluish due to low oxygen. With increased pressure in the lungs, there can be heart failure that may manifest as swelling of the legs.

COPD is diagnosed by doing pulmonary function test.  In this examination, the patient blows air into a tube connected to a machine which analyzes the capacity of the lungs. The findings mainly show obstructive airway disease which means that the more air stays in the lungs during exhalation. This causes hyperinflation of the lungs called emphysema.  CT scan of the chest may be done to quantify the emphysema.  Arterial blood gas examination will also help to check the level of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the body. Hopefully by now you are thinking about health insurance and trauma insurance. Health Insurance pays for all your medical bills while a trauma insurance policy will provide you with a lump sum payment making it possible to feel comfortable during the time while you are off work.

Treatment for COPD includes inhaled steroids and medications that lessen the narrowing of the airway called bronchodilators.  Oxygen support appears to improve and prolong life among patients with COPD.  To further improve breathing, a patient may undergo a pulmonary rehabilitation program. Smoking (of all types) should definitely be stopped.  An immunization for pneumonia is also important since they are prone to develop lung infections.

Trauma Insurance #Marijuana

If you have questions about your existing trauma insurance and want to know how would your existing policy respond or you want to have a new trauma insurance please call me. All discussions are strictly confidential. If you do not smoke cigarettes and only smoke marijuana I recommend to make your insurance company underwriter aware of your preferences. Your trauma insurance quote should state “smoker” rates which means that the insurance company is seeing you as a smoker. Please let me know if you need more information.

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