What if I lost my job is my real secret greatest fear

In fact you and I have never met before…
But there is something common between you and me: you and I have our jobs, which pay for mortgages, bills, entertainment.

What if I lost my job

it’s expression of my thoughts and my feelings…

It does not really matter if you work for someone or you have your own business. What certainly does that sometimes good things come to the end. Not many years ago it was 2009 in New Zealand and many businesses were flopping taking away dreams, houses, marriages and most importantly health.

New Zealanders as well as the rest of the people in the world were told that it was financial crisis. Those bastards even come up with a trendy acronym GFC (Global Financial Crisis). Why do I call them like that? Well, it is in fact “them” who initially had created the way how to lend people money and then once those people failed to pay back the whole system collapsed. You know the story.

It is a proven fact that at down time number of heart attacks go up. Strangely enough its trend followed by number of divorces. Think about it for a second… not that you lose your job you also lose your health and your partner. Devastating huh?

This is why my greatest fear is

Redundancy insurance or What if I lost my job

I remember back in 2009 driving through the North Shore business districts filled with signs “property for lease or for sale”. It was the tip of the iceberg followed by newspapers advertisements about houses being offered below GV (Government valuation). It was just about a year after everything was “Honky Dory”. The interest rates were not yet catching up with the reality and people had to sell the houses taking huge financial hits due to collapsed property market.

It was Asian crisis before the last one and it was a dot.com crisis before. The fact of the matter is you and I cannot control the market. We cannot control global economy. What we can control is what happens to us… to you and to me.

There is one simple solution which is called
“Redundancy” insurance.

It is truly the only financial tool which can help you to keep your house and your marriage.

You know in marketing “they” say that if “I need a hole in the wall I have to buy a drill bit”, well the same story here – if you want to have certainty of your income you have to buy “Redundancy” insurance.

There is no any other option unless you are prepared to live on your savings or sell your house and end with a heart attack and walking away partner…

How “Redundancy” insurance works:

It pays you for a period of 6 month since you were told that you were made redundant.

There is literally no underwriting and possibly the only insurance which does not really take into account your health situation. The only condition is that you have to have the job for at least 6 months before you can claim on the policy.

There are two insurance companies which offer “Redundancy” insurance. I mean companies which do pay in the event of you have lost your job.

The reason I call it “marriage saving insurance” is based on the time period. Imagine, you lost your job and now you are on claim and your insurance company is paying you your monthly income for six months… would that be a good reason to tell your partner that you are in fact a very wise person? OK, let’s say you are modest, then think about this – would six months be enough for you to find a new job without any pressure?

6 months stress free solution – can you beat that? It is called “Redundancy” insurance which pays you if you lost your job.

Imagine no stress about your job, no stress about your mortgage payments. “Redundancy” insurance allows you to sort your problems even before they appear.

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This fear of “What if I lost my job” can only be sorted with “Redunduncy” insurance, it is in fact how I deal with it and till today I am not aware of the better solution.