Pink Ribbon Breakfast

Who, if not us?

Pink Ribbon breakfast was one of the highlights for all of us who were involved.

The results speak for themselves:

  • All guests donated $650!
  • Genesis Financial Services team invested into the event $1,100 which helped to pay for the venue.
  • Natalia Roum, played the role of the ambassador at the event representing one of the biggest New Zealand insurance company AMP. AMP donated a “pink cheque” for $1,000 to New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation.

AMP provided shocking truth about female cancer. Trauma policy from AMP last year paid $29,000,000. Furthermore 66% from it were cancer,  47%related to female cancer and 37% breast cancer.

The breakfast was fun for everyone. Vlad Ivanov has received many emails, text messages as well as phone calls from guests thanking him for the wonderful time all of them had together.

“Pink Breakfast” not only raised awareness of the existing problem such as “late diagnose” of breast cancer. It also made ladies to think about “what if” situation and what would they do?

Next time when you happened to have “girls talk” ask your girlfriend: “what would you do if…?” help her to realise that it can happen to any one of us. Would the family have money to be able to get through without the need to deep into the mortgage?

If you have questions about insurance or you specifically want to discuss “Trauma Insurance” for yourself please call Vlad Ivanov 09-525-4675

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