Home Inspections Auckland

If you are planning to buy a house in Auckland this video is a must to watch.

Home inspections Auckland

The video is about services provided by “A Buyer’s Choice” Home Inspections. The company says “Inspect it Once- Inspect it Right”.  I have asked Sarah Turner to talk to me about her company, about home inspections and about why it is in fact important to do it right before you buy a house in New Zealand.

Public liability Insurance is must have for house inspectors

be on a safe side – order a house inspection before buying

Let me provide you with my personal experience: My family was shopping for a house and managed to spot one on TradeMe. I am sure you know the feeling 🙂 The ad was saying that despite the house has plaster as the outside cladding material it is indeed the “right plaster”. We have negotiated the price and (thanks God) put a condition about a house inspection. On the day of the inspection I met the inspector who literally after a few seconds of inspecting the house told me that the house had in fact the “wrong” plaster and going to leak one day sooner or later. I tried to tell him that the advertisement says that the house has a “cavity system” in place to be told that apparently the house did not have it. The inspector asked me – should he proceed with the inspection or not since the house is not what I want. To say that I was grateful is to say nothing, surely I was upset with the house and the fact that we were not buying this house which we actually liked a lot. However even the thought about owning a leaky house was making me sick.

Now I have a question  – would you say it was the right amount of money to spend to get the knowledge? I think it was.

This is why I had asked Sarah to talk to me about the services her company provides to home buyers.

In my opinion the fee you are going to pay for the house inspection is “nothing” to compare with prospective problems you could end up with if you do not inspect the house you like and ready to buy.

In my experience, I know I am not a builder and I cannot distinguish the right plaster from the wrong one or even how the house is build.

If you are shopping for a house consider getting in touch with Sarah to discuss how and when should you organise an inspection.

“A Buyer’s Choice” Home Inspections has Professional Indemnity Insurance as well as Public Liability insurance. For you as a prospective house owner it means that if by some unknown reason Duane Turner (Sarah’s husband and the inspector) makes a mistake and provides you with wrong advice you would be able to get cover from his insurance company and if by any reason he is going to brake something in the house while checking the house during the inspection the damage is going to be covered by the business public liability insurance the company has. Keep in mind majority of house inspections companies do not have business insurance and the reason is simple – it is too expensive.

Watch the video to learn “what and how” and about how the company is looking after the clients. Do not forget to mention to Sarah Turner that you have seen her interview hopefully she would be able to provide you with a special discount on your house inspection. 🙂

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