11 New Zealand Car Loan Finance companies

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11 New Zealand Car Loan Finance companies Report

is designed for someone (like you) who is thinking about buying a car for $3,000 as well as for someone who is on the market for $80,000 vehicle:

The limit on the amount is your choice & based on your affordability and most importantly desire and “yes” INCOME. The desire to drive a new shining “ride”.

Compare 11 New Zealand Car Loan Finance companies

(The why) Last year one of my friends decided that it was time for him to say “goodbye” to his old Camry and replace it with an Audi. The guy is “a waggon guy”. Sometimes I even wonder does he actually know about other types of vehicles or not?  He is a very smart guy and had created a checklist to help him to make his choice. Here it is for you:

  • Wagon.
  • 4WD.
  • $ Amount of dollars he is ready to spend

As you can see the above list is simple- I mean it does not really have anything fancy… BUT let’s look at it again:

  • Car Usage – in his case he wants to make sure that his new car allows him to deliver something like a fridge or take his skies to Ruapehu. He is in that stage of his life where he can become a father – again a car with a big space would allow him to take a pram to the beach.
  • 4WD – to me it looks “safety”. The guy wants to know that his car will be safe to drive and possibly take him to places.
  • $$$ Remember this post is about comparing NZ finance companies this why dollar amounts different for everyone.
  • This is about personal preferences. I’m on the other hand “Japanese import” sort of a guy J . I see it that way: -It would be good to drive an “Audi Q7” but I would have to be a Real Estate sales person, not an insurance guy J Check this post out if you want to know how to insure “Audi Q7 2016”.
  • You can add colour if you really want but I think for this post it will not make any difference.

It was really painful for me to watch my friend calling a few car loan companies. After a few phone calls, he had given up… and took a loan from a company with lesser %. As you will find out from the 11 New Zealand Car Loan Finance companies report it is not only the % (interest) you pay is important it is everything else what forms your contract between you & the finance company you take the loan from.

This post is created to help you to make better financial decisions.

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Comparison New Zealand Car Loan Finance companies

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