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This site is packed with useful information about property investments, mortgage structures, insurance products available in New Zealand and Australia. It is designed with you in mind. The goal is to provide you with helpful information about an array of financial and insurance products and explain types of insurance policies you can use to protect yourself and the property you own from unforeseen circumstances.  The information on this site should not be considered as a financial advice it is only for informational purposes.

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New Zealand Income Protection Insurance

In my view – this type of insurance is the best way of protecting your income. It guarantees your ability to have your income if you are not well due to a sickness. Income Cover makes it possible to have your income even when you are temporarily disabled. The policy covers you when you are not able to work and earn your living due to a short or long-term disability due to sickness or an accident.

Contemplate Income Protection insurance as something that can provide you with the ability to maintain your lifestyle and to help you to recover from almost all unforeseen circumstances life throws at you.

Think about all of those people who had to sell their houses or even commercial properties and some of them even had to declare bankruptcy only due to a sickness. If all of those people had income protection in place they would be able to use it and recover without any financial stress. If you live in Auckland, income protection cover is one of those “must have” due to the fact that it is too expensive to live even when you can work.

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Mortgage Insurance in Auckland NZ

If you have a home loan in Auckland, New Zealand or in any other town in our beautiful country you should definitely think about how you can protect your ability to keep it with a Mortgage insurance. Mortgage insurance in my view is a “must have” for everyone with a mortgage. Yet especially for self-employed people due to the reason that if a self-employed person gets sick there are no other means of keeping up with mortgage payments.  

Have you ever thought about: what if you just suffered a heart attack? Have you thought – what would your bank do? Will your bank allow you not to pay for your home mortgage during the time you are off work? If you are in doubt you better “call me now” to discuss your circumstances and to find out how a Mortgage Insurance policy could help you. 

Keep in mind the most attractive “feature” of a mortgage insurance for a self-employed person is that the policy does not have any ACC offsets and pays your home loan payments for you even while you receive ACC payments. Think about it and read the paragraph again.

Mortgage insurance is a New Zealand the most favourite policy in conjunction with a Key Person insurance, due to the fact that both policies allow you to have the best coverage with the most affordable premiums structure. As I have mentioned above – this website is designed with you in mind. The only step for you to make is to reach out to me.

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Trauma Insurance – Auckland

Have you heard of people who have suffered from any type of cancer, stroke, heart attacks? Trauma Insurance in New Zealand is the only type of insurance that pays you a lump sum if you are diagnosed with one of the major illnesses.

Modern Kiwi trauma insurance policy usually covers more than forty (40+) major medical conditions. Some of New Zealand insurance companies offer “buy back” options with their trauma insurance while others do not have any time limits between the “events”.

Think about a situation if you are diagnosed with cancer: would you need money? Does it mean that if you just had a heart attack you are not going to have a stroke or cancer? Check your existing trauma policy (if you have one) to find out how many conditions covered. Look at this page for a comprehensive review of trauma insurance policies in New Zealand. If you live in Auckland you are welcome to come to our office for a trauma policy review.

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Level Life insurance policy

Life Insurance (in my opinion) is the only type of insurance which is not designed for you – it is for your family and for the people you love the most, yet one day you’ll sadly leave behind…yet they still have bills to pay. I always see a good life insurance policy as an investment – investment yet in yourself.

If you have financial commitments (a mortgage or some business liabilities) or you have kids or even grandkids – you better have a Life Insurance policy.

There are many types of Life insurance policies in New Zealand. They do offer different structures and types. Some of the policies are designed for your lender (your bank) and often are taken for the length of your loan, while others for a short period of time to cover you for a just in case.

Only a few life insurance companies allow you to have level life insurance policy  Some of them even cover till you are 101 years old. Important part to understand that some of the life insurance providers in New Zealand offer built-in components such as “special events” which allow you to increase your life insurance amount without additional medical underwriting due to a mortgage increase or a birth of a child. 

I hope you would agree with me that our life circumstances do change as life goes on and it is important to review your life insurance from time to time. 

There are many helpful posts here on this website for you to research life insurance information yet if you need a real help – please reach out and I would recommend you one of my trusted insurance advisers. 

Level Life Insurance can help you to have a higher amount of cover and save you money in the long run. Call me now to discuss.





Public Liability Insurance

If your business is located in Auckland Public Liability insurance is the policy you must have due to your contractual liabilities. The policy covers you and your business in the event you are going to be find liable for the damages you or your business cause to third parties, for instance personal injury or property damage. Public Liability Insurance specifies the amount it indemnifies (covers) your business. The limit of indemnity is the total amount of money the insurer covers your business for an event or a series of events. This insurance provides payments for your court appearance and for defamation. Public liability covers your legal liability under the Forest & Rural Fires Act 1977. It covers your legal liability under your lease agreement with indemnity to landlord. This policy covers you as the business owner in respect of any fines, penalties, exemplary, aggravated or liquidated damages. For more information about Public liability insurance please refer to this page.

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